Rug Making Techniques and Fibre Crafts

1. Rag Rug – ‘Proddy’
Using recycled fabrics and the traditional ‘proddy’ method, learn how to create beautiful and unique pieces of art made with old clothes and other ‘upcycled’ materials.
Choose from – Rug/Cushion Cover/Wall-hanging/Seat Pad/Bag

2. Rag Rug – ‘Hooking’
The same as above but using a different rug-making technique. You can do much more with this method, be more detailed and create finer work, almost ‘painting’ with your hook.
Choose from the above options plus – Hand hooked mirror frames/Hand hooked hats/Corsages/Mirror Frames

3. Rag Rug – ‘Locker hooking’
Another traditional rug-making method using a locker hook and a rug canvas, recycled fabrics and most importantly a yarn, to lock the loops in place.
Choose from – Rug/Cushion Cover/Bag/Chunky Bracelets

4. Pegloom Weaving and Stick Weaving
Another traditional form of rug-making using a peg-loom, the simplest form of weaving which is versatile and takes up very little space. You can use all types of fabrics and yarns.
Choose from – Rug/Wall Hanging/Bag/Landscape Wall-hanging/Cushion Cover

5. Circular Woven Landscapescircular landscape weaving
Create a beautiful woven landscape of any season on a circular frame, which you can proudly display in your home. Choose a season and add trees, flowers, rivers, paths, sheep and ducks, and anything else!






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