Another traditional rug making technique using hessian or burlap as your backing fabric, on which you draw your design. This time you use a ‘prodder’ tool. Short lengths of fabric are pushed through from the back of your hessian, using the prodder, to leave a ‘pile’ on the right side of the hessian. This technique may also be referred to as clippy mats, rag rugging, peg rugs (using a whittled down wooden peg).
Note: You can also use a rag rugger tool for this, which brings up the short lengths from the right side of your hessian and has the same effect.


Hello to you all and Happy New Year. It’s been a while since I’ve made contact! My apologies for that to all my loyal customers and followers. As some of you may know I have had a very busy year in 2018. For the first few months I was busy with my mum, who was in and out of hospital. I’m pleased to say she is better now after a major operation. During that time my daughter Rebecca had a lovely baby girl in May, so I was busy with looking after her little boy and the new mum and baby. I now have four wonderful Grandchildren! So, after much thought and deliberation, I have decided to cease trading from January 31st 2019. I have loved running my little business for the last ten years, and making many new friends and meeting lots of lovely people. I am now putting my energies into my growing family and promoting veganism. I feel that addressing this is so urgent now, as our planet is on the brink of a climate change crisis, and adopting a vegan diet is the most important thing we can all do, to help stop this. For our children and grandchildrens future. So once again, thank you for supporting me and I wish you all well in the future and am still very happy to hear from you. Best Wishes, Lynda